Il Cilento

The sea bottoms of the blue flag of Agropoli

Breathtaking landscapes that from time to time can reserve new surprises and meetings. The backdrops of Agropoli are natural habitats for brown groupers, amberjack, tuna, dentex and much more. All made more lively by the vast expanses of posidonia, castagnole, madrepore, gorgogne and false coral. Walls, landslides, boulders, falls available to all divers fans. From Baia Vallone to Punta Licosa, then passing through Punta Tresino, a succession of wonderful dives for experts and amateurs. Starting from the Port of Agropoli, a few minutes of navigation, we encounter a series of huge boulders: the Pyramids , which, at a depth of about twenty meters, rise for five or six meters from the bottom. Continuing along the coast we come across the Masso del tufo . An immersion characterized by a stretch of wall full of indentations and points. One of these splits gives life to the boulder in question that owes its name to a tuft of lush and colorful posidonia. Continuing our submarine journey, in front of the islet of Punta Licosa, we find the Secca dell’Archivolta , a large basin dominated by the presence of a myriad of different forms of life concentrated in a few meters. We conclude with one of the most beautiful dives: Fall Punta Licosa . A kind of staircase created by the sea about thirty meters deep that gradually disappears into the abysses, where the gaze is lost.

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