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Casal Velino, Old Borgo Casalicchio of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Casal Velino common of about 4600 inhabitants, on the border with the ancient city of Velia, includes the hamlets of: Acquavella, Bivio di Acquavella, Marina di Casal Velino, Vallo Scalo, Verduzio. The capital is located on a hill 170 m above sea level surrounded by an intense vegetation where there are olive trees, strawberry trees, myrtle, holm oaks, pines, fig trees and also a variety of broom, the Cilento genista, overlooking the Gulf of Velia and on the fertile plain of the Alento.
The country fundamentally agricultural and craft has recently voted for rural tourism, thanks mainly to the availability of some local farmers to open their farms to tourists, we are like bed & amp; breakfast we are as agriturismi, giving also the possibility to taste the products originated from the earth, in particular the extra-virgin olive oil DOP of Cilento.

In the ancient village of Casal Velino, once called Casalicchio, in the streets bordered by the presence of houses of ancient construction, it is possible to find the Casa Contadina museum housed in an ancient residential structure where the rooms, furnishings and utensils of the house are taken. of the Cilento farmer. The first nucleus of houses was formed in the place known as the Convent, where Carmelite monks, who had previously lived in a convent not far from the church of San Matteo, called the Annunziata, had withdrawn and built their new Convent, always under the same name. To this first nucleus of very modest dwellings, other districts were added, such as that of the Pentino, where the church dedicated to Maria S.S. Assunta, those of Vallecupa and Serra Marina.
Behind Casal Velino, on the slopes of Monte Stella we find Acquavella where the extraordinary call of nature and the presence of an urban layout typical of the Cilentan countries made in particular of old houses leaning against each other between steep and narrow alleys give the tourist the impression of a country only touched by modernity
Coming down from Casal Velino in the direction of the sea, to the right of the Alento river we find Marina di Casal Velino a charming resort where to spend holidays whose sandy coastline stretches for about 7 km. The Marina is a center with a strong tourist vocation thanks to the long sandy beaches and bathing facilities with good accommodation facilities that with the presence of the marina, assumes an increasingly important role, connoting itself as the door from the sea for those who want to reach the archaeological site of Elea-Velia and more in general the heart of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano.

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