I Dintorni

Trentova bay, enchanted landscape, crystal clear sea

Among the many charms of the Cilento coast there is, without a doubt, the bay of Trentova. It takes its name from the rock of the same name, famous for its characteristic view that is linked to the mainland by a very thin tongue of land walkable followed by the “rock of St. Francis” and a series of small coves that follow each other up to the beautiful beach of Vallone (Castellabate), before Punta Tresino.
The name of the bay derives from the fact that according to the legend, thirty seagull or sea turtle eggs were found in the caves under the rock. Here you will find bars, lidos and tourist facilities.
This place is a huge attraction, not only for its magical and inviolate landscape, but above all for its shining and clear waters.
Trentova is a dream, one of the most beautiful of all the Cilento, its bay embraces you in the green, blue and turquoise of its clear and iridescent waters and its gentle curly slopes to keep bright leaves. The sea in the morning is like transparent crystal, a thousand small, spiteful and vivacious fish are stirring, the fresh water swathes and caresses anyone who has arrived there.

sources: go to the website
sources: go to the website